What we do

GTA TOP CONDOS has been supplying top quality condo housing in Texas for 6 years. Our emphasis is on the quality of service and ensuring that all our clients find the home that is perfect for their requirements. Our dedicated team of professional realtors have many years of experience in the high-end property market, and we are proud that our client satisfaction rate is 100%.

We will work with you from initial enquiry right thru to completion of the purchase, to ensure your needs are met. Buying the right home is one of the most important decisions you will ever make, and we know that clients will sometimes change their minds midway, or even just before completing a purchase. No problem. We will deal with sellers on your behalf, and you will never need to have those difficult conversations. You can leave the negotiating to us – you don’t need more stress in your life!

If you are selling your condo, we promise to get you the best price. The real estate market is competitive, and some realtors will get sellers a sub-optimal price to achieve a quick commission. Not us. We will always secure you the best possible deal for your circumstances.

Our team is led by Jez Davies who has 14 years of experience and is highly respected within the Texas real estate sector. He is proud to make you the GTA TOP CONDOS Pledge: “Trust us to deliver you the perfect condo. Your home is where our heart is!”