You can realise tax savings by investing in real estate classified historical monument.

Be careful however the variation of the market also applies to the classified monuments and thus the capital of this type of investment is not guaranteed. But buying a well classified or registered National Heritage can allow you to guard against the drops possible real estate prices.

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The money invested is always available because you can sell your property is one of the advantages of the Historical Monuments. If you declared one because of renovations you will be asked to keep your property during the 3 years following the declaration of this deficit.

tax exemption historical monument
Do not think of making a fortune with this system, which is aimed more at passionate people wishing to help restore the national heritage. Indeed, the yield on the Properties Historic Monument rarely exceeds 3% gross.

If you live in a Property Historic Monument, the land charges of the occupied part are attributable to the overall income. In the event of a deficit, this can be deducted from unlimited income. It should be noted that the tax administration establishes that the occupied part of this style of housing generates expenses corresponding to a quarter of the total operating expenses.

You can deduct 50% of the expenses of interviews and travaus if you enjoy the totality of the property.

If the Property Historic Property is rented, you can deduct all land charges from your property income. In the case of a deficit, you can deduct this one without limit of amount.

Housing Housing Historical Monuments does not escape the ISF (ISF). But, this investment is not subject to inheritance tax, including for heirs who are not of the owner’s family. Finally, the objects of art that are present in the Real Estate Historical Monuments are exempt from taxes.

To obtain financial assistance in the renovation or restoration of a Property Historic Monuments, you must obtain the agreement of the Regional Directorate of Cultural Affairs. Then, the works will be supervised by the Architect of the Buildings of France or Historical Buildings which controls the follow-up of the specifications. For a building “registered” with the Historical Monuments, the subsidies can reach 15% of the total amount of works, whereas for a “classified” building, they go up to 35%. Remember that local communities sometimes provide subsidies.

Final thoughts

I believe that we should not see rent as an investment good, but as a form of access to housing. The current Government of the PP is taking measures in the sector exclusively protecting the landlord, excessively erroneous approach if you want to go in the line of promoting rent.

In conclusion, the only way to stimulate the demand for rent today is by encouraging the emancipation of young people, which is quite difficult with youth unemployment close to 50%. In spite of the fact that rent should be stimulated, it would be excessively wrong to promote this type of domicile through the reintroduction of the basic income of emancipation rightly suppressed by the current PP government to reduce the deficit. So, I believe that the optimal measure to encourage rent would be through tax deductions, previously eliminating the rebate for purchase of usual residence